Racing at Daytona 400

During Lap 121 weather began to get horrible and suspended for safety reasons for fans as well as drivers.  Received a text shortly afterward to meet in the winner’s circle to my surprised just in time to see the winner leaving the stage caring his trophy.  Speaking with media personnel disappointed to say the least, wanted to try to obtain an autograph shirt, hat, picture for my wife’s birthday.  After two days of disappointments with the rain causing postponement the day before, learned to smile and move on to the next chapter in my life.


Finally, the sun is out on Sunday afternoon at the start of the race around 1:30 sounds of the engines roaring with such force decided to use ear plugs purchased earlier in the day.  As cars charged by number 22, 2, and 4 cars seem to control this race in the early going; in fact they lapped a car before the tenth lap, maybe even sooner.  The race was clean meaning hardly any incidents and then the crash taking out about ten to twenty cars.  How could this happen, everything changed; one the lead cars seem to be on fire in the rear as cars head to the pit under the caution flag.  While the staff removed wrecked cars from the track, racers left seem to be about half of the competitors. at the beginning


During this caution period not much happened that was noticeable except this thunder storm was begining to say hello to all the fans in the stadium to such an extent the staff suspended the race asking fans to seek shelter until the storm pass.  Awaiting for the storm to move on checking Internet and the United States Women Soccer team won the championship game.  Wonderful achievement, with a huge congratulation!!  The rain continued as fans began to pass time meeting other fans to keep from being bore.  At lap 121 the rain continues; checking my iPhone weather app showing this storm lasting past seven in the evening.  Can sense fans getting frustrated and beginning to leave for one reason or the other.


By this time I met this couple from Tampa which decided to leave the race since one friend lost two racers in the crash and the other friend had one driver remaining but decided to leave the race which turned out to be a good idea.  This was supposed to be a wonderful birthday trip for my wife driving from Orlando, Florida to Daytona to watch the race live and in living color with intentions of meeting the winner in the winners circle.  However, the celebration was cut short and for our family almost nonexistent for that matter.  Leaving the nice city of Daytona a bit disappointed on our journey returning to Orlando, Florida in the traffic on the famous I-4 corridor.  Thank you for taking the time to read this article, hopefully you enjoyed the story.  Comment in the area below, share with friends,  and family be safe and my God bless you all.


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Surfing for Autism

Surfing for autism was Saturday morning June 21, 2019 in Cocoa Beach behind the park on Atlantic Avenue.  This year event posted over one hundred fifty special needs for a surfing experience with only about forty or so volunteers. Would like to give all volunteers a special thank you for the support during this event.  As Sergeant Audie Murphy member can understand this sacrifice given to pull off something of this magnitude.  The first surfing event begin with the blue team about 9:00 am. Potential surfers are able to determine which team is surfing by the color of the flag on top of the registration tent and wrist bands on individual arms.  Safety was a number one priority in the success of surfing for autism.


Very important to note, before each surfer went into the water a short safety briefing was given by the team leader and two assistance, meaning three per surfer.  The participants from my point of view had a wonderful time even though the temperature was extremely heated.   Keeping hydrated for  volunteers and surfers was highly stressed with water available throughout the event.  As a parent, and former safety officer while in the military safety was important.  Even in the heat of the day, enjoyed watching our son try to surf throughout the day with peers.


For the purpose of this blog our son is Slim Biscuit which cannot swim even though had swimming lessons several occasions.  Seemed to enjoy himself after a stellar rides on the surf board even though a few time seem to wipe out.   Even experiencing failure was able to get up, smile, and try again.  Volunteers and team leader with our son was extremely great using caution you couldn’t ask for anything more.  Since Slim Biscuit was in the learning stage most of riding waves was laying down.  However on occasions Slim tried to get up in a kneeling stance wiping out on a few occasions before getting the hang of it.  What a wonderful joy to experience these young men and women surfing.


As Surfing for Autism begin to come a close for the blue team our volunteers and Slim Biscuit had a short photo shoot.  Four stars for Slim Biscuit’s team for such an amazing performance to bring about smiles not only for our son but for the many special needed surfer attending Surfing for Autism. While Slim was making way back to the entrance of the park to clean up and dry off and change.  Others was in the lunch line to have lunch on the beach. What a glorious time on the sands of Cocoa Beach on the latter part of June in perfect weather.  A special thank you for the organizers and staffs for putting on this event.  Thank you one and all for taking the time out of your day for reading my articles.  Looking forward to seeing more volunteers and potential surfers on the next Surfers for Autism next year.

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Wonderful Family Dentist


During the latter part of the year our family made a decision to change dentist.  Services and treatment received was unacceptable requiring a search for a replacement was initiated.  This procedure lasted longer than expected, however decided on another dentist with a leap of faith.  Some decisions in life are special which takes time in considering long term effects on yourself and family.  Choosing a dentist was one of these life lone decisions; trust was a key ingredient our family wanted.  Trail and error seems to be the only option for this scope of work.  An alternative would have been to use a friend or family member’s dentist which may or may not fulfill our needs.

The trail and error begins with a leap of faith going back a year or so at the local mall several companies were marketing services and products.  The dentist company was participating in marketing during that time with discounts for new patients.  Of course, our family listened to the pitch and received a marketing bag from the company.  After months of searching finally, took the next step to ensure our insurance and dentist matched.  Scheduled an appointment and consultation with the dentist explaining concerns and needs which seemed to be a match.  The family’s needs were met the same day of the initial visit with a followup.

An explanation of this lifelong decision; for example using a dentist as a child the work perform will affect the teeth forty years later.  For example, a mistake at that age can be harmful later or a mistake with an adult could be catastrophic.  As a retired military, recall telling my Soldiers when writing an award or counseling how easy it is to write when an individual accomplished so much in a short time.  Our family felt that way regarding this dentist, someone you can trust, someone that will say what’s right even if it’s not what you want to hear.  I would love to say to everyone run to this dentist and your problems would be solved.  That would be considered marketing and just wanted to share our family experience with others.

Furthermore, if this was your family what would you have executed differently in a search for a replacement dentist? What would be the key ingredients trust, skill, price, customer services or some other measurable data?  In any event going into the fifth month of this change and it feels good making the decision.  Hopefully, we feel as good in three to five years.  Your thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated optimistic or pessimistic. Looking forward to hearing from you and your friends. Tell your family and friends about my articles, leave a comment and let’s stay engaged.  Thank you

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Horse Therapy for Special Needed

Each weekend kids and young adults meet up at a ranch outside Ocala, Florida for a few days of joy with horses.  The sponsors of the horse ranch is very nice, running a nonprofit organization with most of the funding are donations.  Some of the events are riding independently while in a small circle, riding independently in a larger circle with about five to six riders and riding in a simi-open area.  Completing some tasks and exercises in the training areas in preparation for an upcoming event.  On Sundays the fun begins around twelve o’clock and Mondays around nine in the mornings. For example, our son has autism is learning how to ride, feed, groom, wash, hold the horses steady and actually put the equipment back in storage.  Additionally, our son is gradually, learning how to ride independently in different areas of the ranch.  For example, inside a smaller circular fence with tighter controls riding somewhat with minor supervision.  These kids and young adults are getting joy with the time spent with the horses.


Practical exercises consist of fun things with rider and horse.  Learning to command these horses while performing a specified task.  It would seem this experience brings a smile to the kids and young adults.  While experiencing this journey in preparation for the next objective is a wonderful to watch.  By the way, safety precautions are instilled using helmet, a guide rope and a handler is nearby to settle the horse if necessary.  The kids and young adults are learning how to mount horses, sit correctly, control, turn right, left, backup and dismount with assistance.  One of the handler has been riding since the age of five.  As a western movie junkie since the age of five, love to watch westerns of old school; Audie Murphy, James Steward to Yul Brenner and Charles Brownson.  Watched so many western television shows and had no idea how to properly ride a horse until drafted to ride with our son.  It’s kind of like riding a bicycle but a bit higher; understanding how to stop, turn and start are keys to being successful.


Additionally, riding in a larger circle usually consist of five to six riders controlling the horses independently as a group.  Turning in the same direction at the same time, reversing direction, riding around obstacles while sprinting lightly on the return, then bringing the animal to a halt completing this exercise a few times. The goal is for everyone to complete this session correctly.

Finally, riding bare back; something I have never tried to accomplished in any shape what so ever.   These young adults and kids are willing to  succeed with these large animals bringing such a joy to everyone who witness.  Continue to follow our stories and please share with your family and friends.  Thank you for your kindness.

Severe Autism learning to potty

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Living in the world of autism with our son, which is a high school graduate continuing to grow in knowledge each day.  We was very bless to have a school system with a teacher very caring and knowable with special need children.  As a young adult, non-verbal, sneaky at times our guy is struggling with potty training.  Always hopeful, being positive on any progress while being patience in this process.  A brief history, over the past eleven years he has develop some interesting patterns.  For instance, would not look you in the eye or even watch television.  However, remember watching the Rose Bowl Game together while his mother was out on an errand.  He’s been watching television in moderation of course in the evening before bed.

Furthermore, this potty training has become a long-term project.  For example, his brother was potty trained before age of two, dressing himself and doing things beyond his years.  Our son has developed a shamefulness whenever he has an accident.  Our family has him on a schedule during the evenings and has worked wonders.  Being able not to have to wash sheets on a daily basis.  The night shift for our son is from eight in the evening until seven in the mornings.  During dinner, he has liquids but no liquids after dinner.  On a normal day, his potty breaks in the evening are eight, eleven and four-thirty to five in the morning.  Adding thirty minutes each month on the potty breaks.  Get this, sometimes when I am a bit tired he would wake me to avoid having an accident.  Correct, walks pass the bath room to our bedroom waking me to take him to the potty.  We’re half way there, having some issues during the day from seven in the morning to eight in the evening.  Our guy can do the potty sign but some time he is not aggressive enough in doing it.  I might as well say he is not aggressive at all.  In any event, I talk to him about it; not to depend on anyone to take him to the potty.  We speak to him in very limited phrases enabling him to process the task.

Additionally, this is a two-step process, meaning has not had a bowel movement accident but seem to have urine accidents during the day.  A little history on him, we did an analysis for twelve months from four in the morning until eleven at night.  This included the bath room breaks, the data was completed by yours truly.  Just FYI; we used color codes on excel using each book for a month.  Noting anything irregular or causing him to be irregular had a different color.  His day is on a schedule so there is no surprise to him what’s going to happen regarding eating breakfast, lunch and dinner to include snacks.  Note, he has most of the techniques down pulling down his pants and pulling them up, even flushing the toilet.  Need help with the hand washing.  The only reward is given is thank you and good job.

Furthermore, our goal is for him to be self-sufficient while completing the task but we are patience in this process.  Autism and special needs families are growing and if this information is helpful or maybe questions on other issues such as eating, sleeping, playing inside, in water, you name it we’ve been there.  Someone is always with him the entire day (24 hours).

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How to Save $144,000.00 While Watching Television

Cable television came onto the circuit during the early seventy’s as the savior of baby boomers, silent majority, millennials, generation X and Y’s home entertainment. However, as time pass prices of cable has gone up and watching television has evolved from family pleasure unto a family liabilities.  As consumers, we can continue to pay this inflated amount monthly or we can make changes. Making a change would bring monthly payment down from $175-$200 per month or higher to less than $50, that’s a saving for about $24,000.00 over a ten year period.  Making a change with a smart television and internet would save you about $2400 a year for investments, church donation, bucket list vacations, or just increase college funds.


This begins with making a decision to save your money or keep giving it away.  With the use of the Internet with decent speed would give you an opportunity to watch endless television at no cost to you.  Most of America and the rest of the world uses Internet for email, shopping, Facebook, and other social media platforms.  Let me explain how; first ensure you have a ROKU or smart television, sharp has a nice one that is not expensive.  Using this with amazon, Netflix and Internet would allow you and your family to watch just about any of your favorite shows whenever you like. In fact having the ability to watch season series on any given day.  For example, if you are a western fan of John Wayne, Audie Murphy, James Arness, Clint Eastwood, Jimmy Stewart, Dale Robertson, and many more. #Westerns #Free #Family #Dogs #Cats #Church #Finances


For parents with small children, there is a PBS application with a host of educational shows for our sons or daughters to watch. In fact, at times parents may even enjoy watching shows with children bringing back memories.  What do you think, is this something that would save you money?  Over a period of just for conversation; sixty years a saving of about $144,000.00. College funds for two children, wedding gift for others, trip to that bucket list you’ve always wanted to take and let’s not forget the church.  What are we waiting for, turn in those cable boxes and let’s get started receiving those blessing we’ve been missing.  Break the chains of boundary with cable and release yourselves and family with additional monthly revenue.


Millennials are going to enjoy watching shows without paying extra money for the service especially college students.  Being there, did that counting every dollar each month ensuring the yearly budget was in order.  A simple decision to change your life, turn them in and release those bondages. Is this worth the savings of $144,000.00 or more to your families?  Send a small donation of $25 to my cash App to $taxesrer today and continue to receive your blessings.

Thank you


The secret of how to Lower High Blood Pressure

Family, friends, even doctors point to the end result of not lowering blood pressure.  How can this be accomplished?  For example, some prefer to take medication to lower blood pressure.  However, is this the absolute solution to the cause or the beginning of another problem.  A friend of mine told me once whenever a doctor, or dentist suggest you take something  for a cold for example.  Ask the million-dollar question of what they use for a cold.  If it’s not what was mention to you earlier, may what to think whether or not this is the right option.

What I am using to try to maintain a healthy body?  This may not be for you or maybe it is; no pressure.  I allowed my blood pressure to rise to high, focus on grad school and other things didn’t have it as a priority.  After, discovering how far off this  pressure had gotten; decided to start a plan.  First, changed my diet to eating salmon, tilapia, sardines, garlic, almonds, cashews, walnuts, watermelon, celery, kiwi, apples, strawberries, kale, bananas, olive oil, mineral water with lemon in the mornings, avocados, spinach, strawberry Keifer, honey, granola with pumpkin and flex seed.

Simultaneously, started going to gym and really pushing myself on the tread mill with incline of fifteen at 3.8 speed for about thirty-five minutes.  Don’t’ get me wrong it didn’t start there, had to work my way up to the incline of 15 and the 3.8.  Do something reasonable for your body but don’t just be still.  Third, remove any access stomach to such a degree my cardiologist thought his patient was till forty.

Don’t get this wrong, during thanksgiving enjoyed a wonderful dinner with the in-laws.  Afterwards, back on the routine two days later.  You’ll get a fill for what your body limits are quickly.  For breakfast, would have sardines, kiwi, garlic clove half(do not chew its strong), apple cider vinegar (2 spoon), lemon water (third cup) omega3, bananas, bottle water (not cold).   Lunch I would have sardines, celery, strawberries, bananas, watermelon or an apple.  Later for dinner, baked salmon, kale, fries in olive oil.

Finally, I check my pressure in the morning before eating anything and after using the restroom.  Just before taking Blood pressure, reduce stress by listening to some soft music and breathing exercises found on YouTube for about five minutes.  I also take tamarind to help with the stress of my arteries.  Keep track of my pressure daily and what’s entering this body ensuring everything constant.  By the way, if this is helpful pass it along and let me know.  Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this article.  Share it with friends and family; comment at the bottom with any feed back.

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Who’s Really the Hero

Young men and women make life changing decision affecting their lives and young ones in less than one hour.  A lot of these events the hero of the decision is the  female of the relationship.  Working two jobs at times to make ends meet without any help from the other party.  A similar situation happen to a family member and somehow she was able to raise the children and things turns out for the best.  A lot of the times, things turns out for the worst while only time will tell.  No matter how much is tried and the resources to implement the primary party, most times the mother is doing all the work and a lot of  the times the other party is receiving all the rewards from thee event.

Life changing events, in families when the father’s decision is to spend most of their adult life in prison or worst.  Not being a parent but wanting to reap the benefits from the relationship.  while the mother has been the hero of the family but somehow the other party is per trade the hero and mom the bread winner has been labeled the villain.  A very familiar story fitting a lot of American families.

The majority of the decision in American families are made in the United States are by single mothers, widowed, separated and sometimes from the grandmother.  Which is truly the hero and which is the villain working long hours to make ends meet, up late helping with home work and other activities while others does nothing at all. however, shouldn’t have to be this way, options to break the chains of imprisonment.

Life changing opportunities are able to help families later in this life struggle with our life products on parent who’s not providing for the off springs of the evening’s life changing event but looking to benefits in the relationship.  Somehow in the end who would really be the hero and which would be the villain.  Would you ever have the courage to tell the off spring the truth or will a cover up continue to flourish.  Even while in an early grave the parent not providing for the off spring is deemed the hero in the eyes of children or will this cycle of life begin to change.

How many families have been changed by these events?  What can we do better as leaders, friends and family members to restore a since of values in our communities?  How about moving to another community or city closing your eyes to the past, like I and others did.  Can you just imagine ow many potential doctors, lawyers, teachers, inventors, engineers and nurses are in prison today?

How to Obtain Affordable Life Insurance



The term affordable life insurance has become an important question for consumers.  For example, term life, whole life or guaranteed life insurance.  The beauty is one product may or may not fit every family. Meaning your neighbor may have a term product that works well depending on the age of the adults and children along with other factors.  Another neighbor may have whole life insurance and the products are working well for their family.  Everything depend on the financial strategy of each family; an objective and goals of each .  Some of the key factors of purchasing a life product is pricing, knowing the value of the product and customer services.

Additionally, life insurance is like a safety net for children, young adults, and seniors as well.  Young adults attend college expecting to land that special opportunity in life.  Use  life insurance as a safety net for your family or love ones while in college securing the future of your family or love ones.  Situations may arise where whole life is appropriate for families and there are times when term life is more appropriate.  One philosophy is to combined term and a permanent life insurance is sometimes the best choice for families. Families have several reason for purchasing life insurance, such as final expenses, a protection for the families and as financial planning.   Additionally, the cost to bury a love one continues to increase.  In some states rates are around five to seven thousand dollars which can be a heavy burden on a family.


Essentially, everyone has a story to tell regarding the success or failure of having life insurance within their families or a friend’s family.  Click like and tell your story or click unlike if you do not have a story to tell.  In any event follow us of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google Plus to learn more about different topics at no cost to you or your family.  Protect your families at a critical time in their lives, small children and young adults in college and potential family members with an affordable life insurance policy.  This lone action will bring about peace of mind to your family and love ones.  For more information contact our staff on Twitter, LinkedIn, Face Book, or Google plus.

Jamie’s Floral Delight


 In this journey called life, sometimes we are able to find that perfect someone to spend the rest of our lives. To the end of times as we walk together to unknown adventures. What is that perfect someone, a high school sweet heart, a college girlfriend, a coworker, a neighbor or in the days of social media a friend on the Internet.

Once we have found that perfect someone in our eyes looking for a perfect celebration to start this journey through life. Jamie’s Floral Delight has that great celebration with different themes such as Paris Theme, Italy Theme, Canadian Theme, Mexican Theme all for a modest price ranging from $4,995 to $75,000.

Join our Twitter and Facebook contest each month for an undetermined period for a chance to win that perfect celebration sponsored by EMIGS Marketing. Bringing Paris or Italy to you and your love one giving your family a chance win a life changing celebration. For more information visit our Facebook, Twitter or Website of Jamie’s Floral Delight. I understand, thinking how often you enter a contest and not be able to win. In this contest, our public relations will announce the winners each month in a national known paper, on social media as well as a local news station. It cost nothing to enter, and a possibly life time of memories. Sign up now for a great celebration and a life time of memories.

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